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Winnie Family Favorite


Nannies Intl is a nanny agency that provides full-time, professional nanny services that are tailored to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide children with a nanny that will provide a caring and nurturing environment. We will replace your nanny if they do not meet your expectations for any reason.


Nannies Intl maintains strict requirements that each of our nannies must meet and maintain. All of our nannies have a minimum of two years of prior experience, background checks performed every three months, a valid and current driver’s license, and a current CPR certification.


We believe in the importance of matching families with the correct nanny. If you are not satisfied with the nanny we have provided you within the first three months, we will replace them. No questions asked! No additional charge!

As a busy entrepreneur, I knew I needed a nanny, but was concerned about being able to devote the time needed to find, interview, and train them, especially when we needed the nanny… yesterday. However, Nannies Intl. totally took care of us, finding us a fantastic nanny that we love! They worked with our desires and we even took advantage of the 3 month guarantee (SUCH a great safety bonus!). I now realize that of all the positions I’ve ever hired for, hiring a nanny was the most difficult due to what a crucial role they play in our family and life. However, Nannies Intl. made us feel perfectly supported and highly valued. I now recommend Nannies Intl. to all of my colleagues.

Quinn Curtis


I love Nannies CA.  If I could give this agency a 10 I would.  I am a mother of 3 and would recommend Nannies CA to any nanny searching for work or family that is in need of a nanny.  Nannies CA is ran by a former nanny and I am so impressed with the honesty and professionalism of this agency.  Hands down the best I have been

Hailey J

Wow. Nannies CA was the solution to a mother’s greatest fear, having that excellent care for her children when she needs that extra pair of hands to help with completing daily tasks or a simple time away. As a mother of seven , one with disabilities, it is challenging to meet the needs of every child at every given moment. It is refreshing to have the excellent service provided by Nannies Ca to assist in getting those needs met. They are dependable, reliable, upbeat and accommodating with our crazy schedules and chaos. Thank you for being the answer to a mother’s prayer

Kelly Seibert

I would highly recommend Nannies CA to any family in search of a devoted, quality nanny. The company is extremely professional and was there to cater to my daughter’s needs. I have a two year little girl and Nannies CA made sure that she and her nanny were the perfect fit for each other. It was a pleasure “working” with the company and not just being “told” how my family was going to be taken care of. The process was quick and I was extremely impressed with the amount of resources that Nannie CA used. Thank you for taking the time with my family and making my day a little less worrisome with a trustworthy nanny.

Danae Thompson

As a new company I wasn’t sure if they could take care of my needs but they were great! I trust my kids completely with Nannies CA. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing help.

Trent Kemp