Below you will find the answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions.

How long will it take for you to find me a nanny?

Nannies Intl strives to find the perfect nanny for your family within your desired timeframe. One of the advantages of a remote search is that we are able to start immediately and provide you with a great nanny or babysitter quickly. We do ask that you try to give us a two week lead time so that we are able to perform a thorough search. If there are special qualifications that you would like your nanny to have it may take us slightly longer to provide you with a nanny.

What is your nanny screening process?

We strive to ensure that the nanny is safe, reliable, and trustworthy. To do this, Nannies Intl first conducts a phone interview with several candidates. Next, we conduct video interviews with the nanny that revolve around situations that they may encounter while interacting with your child / children. We also conduct criminal background checks, check for a valid driver’s license, and ensure that each nanny has their CPR certification. We are also able to perform any additional checks at your request.

How does the nanny get paid?

After we find you a nanny that fits your needs you will pay them based upon the agreed upon terms. We will find someone that will work for your desired rate.

Can I meet the nanny you have chosen prior to his/her hiring?

Most of our customers prefer that we choose their nanny. If you don’t like the fit, we can always provide another at no additional charge. That being said, we can customize our search process to suit your needs. We can arrange for you to meet with several candidates before making a decision. We want you to feel 100% comfortable with your family’s nanny.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my nanny?

If you are not satisfied with your nanny for any reason within three months from their start date we will find you a replacement free of charge or give you 100% or your money back. We will notify you of the three month mark when we decide on a nanny and will also make our last check with you one week before that date to ensure everything is going well. Usually within a nanny’s first three months on a job their true colors will come out and you will know if they are the right fit for your family.